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Filosan Fruits

About Filosan Friuts

     The pulasan, Nephelium mutabile Blume (family Sapindaceae), is a tropical fruit closely allied to the rambutan and sometimes confused with it. It has various common names, including pulasan in English, Spanish and Malay, kapulasan in Indonesia, ngoh-khonsan in Thailand, and bulala or panungayan in the Philippines.

          The fruit is ovoid, 5-7.5 cm long, dark red, with its thick, leathery rind closely set with conical, blunt-tipped tubercles or thick, fleshy, straight spines, which are up to 1 cm long.Within is the glistening, white or yellowish-white flesh (aril) to 1 cm thick, more or less clinging to the thin, grayish-brown seedcoat (testa) which separates from the seed. The flavour is generally much sweeter than that of the rambutan. Filosan Friut plants in keralais now available in our farms


Mature Height:  10 to 15 m.
Mature Width:   20-25 ft.
Sunlight:   Full Sun
Spacing:   26 to 33 feet
Growth Rate:  7 years
Drought Tolerance:   Good
Harvest Time:   various
Fruit Color:   Red
Year to Bear:   3 to 5 years
Chill Hours:   32F - 45F
Botanical Name:  Nephelium mutabile