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Duriyan Fruits

INET-FARMS-Duriyan Maparang Achachairu Longon Fruits

About Duriyan Fruit plants

World's most divisive fruit? Durian. That big, hulking thorny beast, with an aroma so strong it'll knock your grandma to her feet. it's the Kanye West of fruits: you either hate it, or you love it. Grafted trees are a good deal smaller, topping out at around 40 feet.

                     Durian trees don’t like to get their feet wet. Well, they do, they just prune up faster than other trees. They don’t tolerate flooding or consistently wet soil and will either drown, develop a series of fungal diseases or become susceptible to worms and other borers.Durian trees prefer loamy, well-draining soil, preferably on slightly sloping land such as a hillside.That said, they also tolerate the flatlands surprisingly well as long as there are no floods.

                     The fruit boasts a good amount of minerals such as manganese, copper, iron, and magnesium. It also contains potassium and the essential amino acid tryptophan, which the body converts in two chemical steps to serotonin and may help in the treatment of depression. Duriyan fruit plants in Kerala is now available in our farm.

INET-FARMS-Duriyan Maparang Achachairu Longon Fruits,

Mature Height:   150 ft.
Mature Width:   25-30 ft.
Sunlight:   Full Sun
Spacing:   6-16 m [20 to 50 feet]
Growth Rate:   Moderate
Drought Tolerance:   Good
Harvest Time:   various
Fruit Color:   Yellow
Year to Bear:   5 years
Chill Hours:   32 F and 45° F
Botanical Name:   Durio




Musang King Duriyan

Musang King is like black-market gold. It's the most sought after, desired and expensive of all the durian varieties, selling for more than twice the price of average durian.


Monthong Duriyan

Mon Thong is the most important and famous durian variety of Thailand. It means "golden pillow" in Thai. It produces large,oval-cylindrical fruits tapering at the stylar end.


D99 Duriyan

D99, is a very unique durian with a very thorny green skin. D99, D100 and KK 11 are early season clones while D53 and D114 represent late season group. D24 and D2 are medium season varieties.


Red Prawn Duriyan

Originally from Penang, Red Prawn (D175) is the most expensive durian variety we know of, even beating out the mighty Musang King. We didn’t expect to find it in the Philippines, but there it was, comically listed as “Red Frown” and selling for an unprecedented $1.36 per kilo.

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