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Dabai Fruit

About Dabai Fruit

Dabai fruit plants is a little fruit with a learning curve. It’s a favorite throughout its native Borneo, but if you bite into one without preparing it properly, you should expect an experience similar to biting into a rock-hard, pinecone-flavored olive. With a simple soak in hot water, those harsh flavors become milder and dabai develops a taste that people pay top dollar for.

                      The skin on the dabai fruit is black and shiny, while the pulp inside is a contrasting yellow. It’s easy to identify at a market by a distinctive yellow circle on one side from where the stem once attached to the fruit. To prepare dabai fruits, you clean them and place them in a bowl of hot water. After a few minutes, they will develop the consistency of softened butter. Eaten in this stage, they’ll taste like buttered carrots with a hint of olives and brie cheese.Dabai Fruit plants in Kerala is available in our farm.


Mature Height:  2-5m.
Sunlight:  Part (Sun:50-80%)
Fruit Color:  reddish-brown
Year to Bear:  5+ Years
Flavour:  Sweet
Botanical Name:   Eugenia candolleana