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Cupuassu Fruits

About Cupuassu Friut Plants

Cupuacu (Theobroma grandiflorum), also spelled cupuassu, cupuazu, cupu assu, and copoasu, is a tropical rainforest tree related to cacao.Common throughout the Amazon basin, it is widely cultivated in the jungles of Colombia, Bolivia and Peru and in the north of Brazil, with the largest production in Para followed by Amazonas, Rondonia and Acre.The pulp of the cupuacu fruit is widely consumed throughout Central and South America, and is used to make ice creams, snack bars, and other value added products.

                      Cupuacu trees usually range from 5-15 m (16-49 ft) in height, though some can reach 20 m (66 ft). They have brown bark, and the leaves range from 25-35 cm (9.8-13.8 in) long and 6-10 cm (2.4-3.9 in) across, with 9 or 10 pairs of veins. As they mature, the leaves change from pink-tinted to green, and eventually they begin bearing fruit. Cupuassu fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms.


Mature Height:  16-49 feet
leaves range:  25-35 cm
Order:  Malvales
Botanical Name:  Theobroma grandiflorum