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Blackberry Jam

About Blackberry Jam

Randia formosa is a rare tropical to subtropical fruit, growing as a small evergreen bushy shrub, usually only 4-5 ft tall in the ground and 3-4 ft in container. It can be also trained into a miniature tree. The plant is closely related to gardenia and produces 1.5-2" star shaped, very fragrant, tubular white flowers that attract nocturnal moths.

                      Olive-shaped yellow fruits are woody shelled, about 1" size and look like small loquats. They can be easily crushed between teeth. The fruit contains two cells with small flat seeds surrounded by sweet black soft pulp tasting like "blackberry jam", beloved of children and adults.Blackberry Jam fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms.


Mature Height:  3-4 ft
Growth Rate:  
Harvest Time:  
Fruit Color:  
Year to Bear:  
Botanical Name:  


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