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Bignay Fruits

About Bignay Fruit plants

A highly nutritious fruit of an evergreen tree found across Singapore and Malaysia, Bignay is well known for its health benefits. This gooseberry sized, reddish hued fruit is also known as the Queensland cherry. The fruit as well as its leaves render various health benefits.

                      Bignay tea, made from the bark of this tree, is an ideal drink for weight loss. According to health experts, drinking about one liter of Bignay tea can render countless benefits, including weight loss, healthier heart, and lower cholesterol levels. Here is a list of Bignay fruit health benefits you can enjoy by eating it. And Bignay fruit plants in Keralaits very useful


Mature Height:   30m
Mature Width:  
Sunlight:  Full sun to light shade
Growth Rate:  Medium
Fruit Color:  Red
Year to Bear:  5 to 6 years
Chill Hours:  
Botanical Name:  Antidesma bunius