Bacupari Fruits

About Bacupari Fruits

     Bacupari: Garcinia gardneriana is an evergreen, dioecious species of the genus Garcinia. It is distributed throughout South America's Amazon Basin and produces fruit with edible arils. In Brazil there is currently research to use this fruit to combat cancer.

          The bacupari trees are classified under the garcinia genus and surprisingly they yield fruits only after 7 years or more, although a fully grown tree can bear more than 500 fruits. One bacupari fruit contains about 3 to 4 seeds and for planting new trees these seeds should be planted immediately because they lose their productiveness very soon.

           The leaves of the Bacupari are glossy green and or of medium size ranging from 10 – 20cm long. The flowers are of white color with a nice fragrance and are arranged in an axillary cluster manner. There are several ways the bacupari fruit can be consumed.


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