Belimbing darah

About Belimbing darah fruit

Abiu Fruit

A Belimbing Hutan tree laden with fruit. Literally thousands may develop on a single tree and the trunk and main branches of this cauliflorous species can be so heavily loaded that they look red from a distance.

                     The Belimbing Hutan is not only productive, it is also relatively fast growing. The amazing fruits are split to reveal several seeds nested in the clear to whitish flesh. The taste is pleasant,although some trees seem to bear fruit that is more astringent than others. This fruit has a lot of market potential as an exotic commodity but is still quite rare in collections..Belimbing darah Fruit Plants in Kerala is now available in our farms.


Abiu Fruit Plants

Mature Height:   6 - 21 metres
Sunlight:   Low night temperatures
Growth Rate:  Medium (16m-30m)
Harvest Time:  
Fruit Color:   Red
Year to Bear:  2-3 year
Botanical Name: Baccaurea Angulata

Abiu Fruit Plants in Kerala