Achachairu Fruits

About Achachairu Friuts

     The Achacha is a highly prized tropical fruit. It has been cultivated for many years in small holdings and domestic orchards at the foot of the Andes in the Amazon Basin of Bolivia.

          Fruit in the Garcinia family like Achacha contain a natural substance hydroxycitrate acid (HCA), in their skins. Studies have shown hydroxycitrate has unique properties that may help people who are looking to maintain a healthy body weight, when included as a part of a kilojoule-controlled eating plan. Just wash and remove the skin, blend it, add water and leave it to brew overnight for a refreshing drink.


Mature Height:  10 to 15 m.
Mature Width:   20-25 ft.
Sunlight:   Full Sun
Spacing:   26 to 33 feet
Growth Rate:  7 years
Drought Tolerance:   Good
Harvest Time:   various
Fruit Color:   Red
Year to Bear:   3 to 5 years
Chill Hours:   32F - 45F
Botanical Name:  Nephelium mutabile