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Yellow Strawberry Guava

About Yellow Strawberry Guava Fruit Plants

Abiu Fruit

The Strawberry Guava is a sub-variety of the Peruvian Guava. This cherry-sized fruit is a beautiful dark red when fully ripe and has a tart flavour reminiscent of plum and strawberry, with a spicy hint of cinnamon or nutmeg.

                     The Yellow Cherry Guava, sometimes called the Lemon Guava or (confusingly) the Yellow Strawberry Guava. It is yellow cherry guavasimilar in size. Its skin is golden all over, and the flavour can be compared to a mix of passionfruit and lemon; sweet and a bit acidic. It is generally somewhat sweeter than the Strawberry Guava.

                      They are at their best when fully dark red or deep golden-yellow. They can be made into pies, jam, jellies, drinks, sauces, fruit leather, etc. Their seeds are edible but hard. They can be removed by passing the guavas through a hand-operated Mouli Food Mill.yellow Strawberry Guava Fruit Plants in Kerala is now available in our farms.

Abiu Fruit Plants

Mature Height:  13 meters
Sunlight:  low light temperature
Growth Rate:  Medium
Harvest Time:  December-March
Fruit Color:  Yellow
Year to Bear:  1-2 year
Botanical Name: Psidium cattleianum var lucidum

Abiu Fruit Plants in Kerala