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Seashore Mangosteen

About Seashore Mangosteen Fruits

Mexico Mangosteen Fruits

     A small tree that grows up to 6m in height. Straight trunk, densely branched. White latex present. White flowers that occur in clusters of 1 to 3. Pinkish red fruits, smooth skin, interior looks like mangosteen but with yellowish pulp. Native.

          The seashore mangosteen fruit is aromatic but the flesh is sour. The leaves and roots are traditionally used to relieve itching. This specimen is very large for its size and could have been here for more than 40 years

Mexico Mangosteen Fruit plants

Mature Height:  6.m
Propagation:  Seed
Fruit Color:  Pinkish red
Order:  Malpighiales
Botanical Name:   Clusiaceae

Mexico Mangosteen fruit plants in kerala