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Saba senegalensis Fruits

About Saba senegalensis Fruit plants

The fruit has a soft, edible pulp with a sweet-sour flavour. The yellowish, ovoid fruit is about 7 cm long by 8 cm diameter. It is much prized and, besides the medico-magical attributes of the plant, is a very good reason for the conservation of the liana in the vicinity of villages. Most fruits about the size of a medium to small orange. In taste, they are acidic, almost like a strange form of citrus, which they nearly match in vitamin C content. They are full of big seeds that are coated with an aromatic sweet and sour flesh. Most are eaten as casual snacks, but some are employed even as a staple, especially during the rainy season. They are also blended with water and sugar and made into fruity beverages


Mature Height:  40 m
flavour:  sweet-sour
Sunlight:  Full Sun
Genus:   Saba
Botanical Name:  Apocynaceae