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    Isreal fig (Ficus carica L)

    The FIG is a large tenacious tree which bears a fragile, highly sweet fruit in the hot summer months. The fig, or te’ena in Hebrew, is native to Israel and the Ancient Near East and is well known in many biblical accounts.

    Sea Grapes
    (Coccoloba uvifera)

    Coccoloba uvifera is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family, Polygonaceae, that is native to coastal beaches throughout tropical America and the Caribbean,including southern Florida

    Ice-Cream Beans
    (Inga edulis)

    Inga edulis is a fruit native to South America. It is widely grown, especially by indigenous Amazonians, for shade, food, timber, medicine, and production of the alcoholic beverage cachiri.

    Rollinia (Rollinia deliciosa)

    Rollinia deliciosa is a species of flowering plant in the custard-apple family, Annonaceae, that is native to tropical South America. It is cultivated for its edible fruits, commonly known as biriba or wild sugar-apple

    (Platonia insignis)

    Platonia insignis also known as Bacuri is considered to be one of the tastiest and healthiest among fruits. Native to South America, this fruit closely resembles papaya in color and shape.

    Borojo (Alibertia patinoi)

    Alibertia patinoi, commonly known as borojó, is a small dioecious tropical rainforest tree.Borojo has high levels of protein, ascorbic acid, calcium and iron and very high levels of phosphorus

    Monk (Luo Han Guo)

    Monk fruit is a small sub-tropical melon that has been cultivated in Asia for hundreds of years.Monk fruit is a delicious and 100%-natural way to replace the calories of sugar with the goodness of fruit

    (Momordica cochinchinensis)

    Gac has been a mystery outside of its native lands, but the juice has since been promoted as a dietary supplement because of its allegedly high phytonutrient content. It's only harvested for two months each year (December and January).

    Tropical Apricot

    Tropical apricot, which has been used to describe the fruit's color and taste,the plant is referred to in pan-tropical areas where it grows.Yellow-orange - fruit are harvestable and will continue to ripen to red. The soft yellow-orange flesh is usually sour with a distinctive apricot like flavor.

    (Baccaurea motleyana)

    The rambai is native and commonly cultivated in the lowlands of Malaya, grows wild in Bangha and Borneo. It is valued for its shade as well as its fruits, which are eaten raw, stewed or made into jam or wine.


    The jackfruit tree is widely cultivated & popular food throughout the tropical regions of the world.Jackfruit is an evergreen tree up to 25 m (82 ft) tall with alternate, glossy, somewhat leathery leaves.

    21 Varieties

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    Mango (Mangifera indica)

    Mangoes are juicy stone fruit from numerous species of tropical trees & flowering plant genus Mangifera, cultivated mostly for their edible fruit.

    18 Varieties

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Plant Nursery

A plant nursery is a place where any kinds of plants are grown for the sake of being moved or transplanted later. It can occupy a field, garden, greenhouse, or other form of growing space. Usually the plants grown in such a nursery are flowers or household ornamentals. A plant nursery can belong to a commercial establishment such as a garden store, or it can grow plants wholesale for retail sale elsewhere.