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Musang King Duriyan Fruits

About Musang King Duriyan Fruit Plants

Musang King is like black-market gold. It's the most sought after, desired and expensive of all the durian varieties, selling for more than twice the price of average durian.

                     Durian Musang King or Mao Shan Wang (猫山王榴梿) is currently in high demand because of its special fragrance and bitter sweet taste which makes all the durian lovers crazy about it. It is very unique on its thick smooth flesh making this durian almost seedless. The top grade of Musang King even has no seed inside the flesh where you can eat much more flesh.


Mature Height:  25–50 m
Sunlight:  Full Sun
Flavor:  Fast
Harvest Time:  sweet
Fruit Color:  Yellow
Genus:  Durio
Botanical Name:   Malvaceae