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Garcinia macrophylla Fruit

About Garcinia macrophylla Fruit

A small fruit tree native to Central and South America that produces copious amounts of yellow fruit with edible arils that have a delicious, sweet taste. It is a very adaptable plant that will grow in any tropical or warm temperate climate in USDA Zones 10 and above.

                     Fruit are variable in shape, averaging 4 to 5 cm in diameter and 5 to 6 cm in length. The fruit have a thick, hard outer wall containing a bitter latex, as in bacurí. Inside the hard shell is a white, creamy flesh surrounding 3 to 4 large seeds. The flesh is scanty in comparison to mangosteen or bacurí. 1 Fruits are in season from May to August and again in October and November. Some 15-to 20-year-old trees have produced 100 to 200 fruits when there have been no adverse weather conditions.


Mature Height:  26-40 ft (8-12 m)
Sunlight:  Light to moderate shade
Fruit Color:  yellow
Genus:  Garcinia
Botanical Name:   Clusiaceae