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Ganapathi Narakam

Tampoi Fruits

About Ganapathi Narakam Fruit Plants

The earliest known among the fibers is the Ganapathinarakaram (Citron medica cv. Diamante). Lemon has a significant importance in the religious rituals of the Jews. It is also used in the Hindu temples of Kerala. The bullets found in the homesteads in Kerala are becoming valuable. This is the source of many valuable medicines. Till height of 10-15 feet.

                      Ganapathinarakam fruits of the cannabis are placed in the cans of fruit in the cans of salt and then sugar syrup.Spices and perfumes separating from the skin and flower are exploited in perfume and shampoo industries .Ganapathi Narakam fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms.

Tampoi Fruit plants

Mature Height: 10-15 feet
Sunlight:  full sun
Fruit Color:  light green
Year to Bear:  4 -6 year
Botanical Name:  Citrus medica

Tampoi fruit plants in Kerala

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