Annona stenophylla Fruits

About Annona stenophylla Friut Plants

Annona stenophylla is a low-growing perennial plant with spreading, underground woody rhizomes. Annual shoots up to 1 metre tall arise from the rhizome, these stems can be simple or branched and sometimes become woody and persist for more than one year[308,398]. The edible fruit is eagerly collected from the wild for local use

                      A decoction is made from the roots. This is usually then used as a steam bath, the vapours being inhaled for at least 5 minutes. Viewed as an all-purpose treatment, it is said to cure eye ailments in particular.

                     The seed of many species in this genus has a hard seedcoat and may benefit from scarification before sowing in order to speed up germination. This can usually be done by pouring a small amount of nearly boiling water on the seeds (being careful not to cook them!) and then soaking them for 12 - 24 hours in warm water.


Mature Height:   1.00 m
Pollinators:  Bees, insects
Fruit Color:  orange-yellow
Botanical Name:   Annonaceae