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Annona cornifolia Fruits

About Annona cornifolia Friut plants

Annona cornifolia is a small tree usually growing 2 - 3 metres tall, though specimens less than 30cm tall have been recorded. The tree is sometimes harvested from the wild for local use of its edible fruit.

                      Seed - it is extremely slow to germinate, averaging 3 - 18 months germination time. The seed has a hard seedcoat and may benefit from scarification before sowing to speed up germination. This can usually be done by pouring a small amount of nearly boiling water on the seeds (being careful not to cook them!) and then soaking them for 12 - 24 hours in warm water. By this time they should have imbibed moisture and swollen - if they have not, then carefully make a nick in the seedcoat (being careful not to damage the embryo) and soak for a further 12 hours before sowing

Propagation: Seeds are dormant and take 100 days to 18 months to germinate, preferring full sun and sandy substrate. The seedlings grow slowly and can be planted in place with definitely size of 10 cm (4 inches). The fruit begins in the age of 4 to 5 anos, depending on soil and cultural treatments.Annona cornifolia fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms.


Mature Height:   2 - 3 m
Sunlight:   Full Sun
Year to Bear:   4 - 5 years
Botanical Name:   ANNONACEAE